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Génie Minéral

This is the art of using gabion products to shape a structure in order to make it technically viable, aesthetic and integrated into its environment.

Mineral engineering combines the skills of our experts and the proven know-how of our construction teams.

It can be used in all types of structures such as supports, embankments and dikes, banks and river protection, hydraulic structures and landscape or urban development equipment.

With the pre-qualification for the ASQUAL ‘Gabion Works’ certificate, the entire design and construction chain of our company is committed to quality and implementation control, with a permanent concern for the project’s environmental integration.

Qualification ASQUAL - Réalisation d'ouvrage en Gabions

IROI est la 4ème entreprise française et la seule dans l'Océan Indien à être qualifiée dans le cadre de la qualification d’entreprise de « RÉALISATION D’OUVRAGE EN GABIONS » sous marque ASQUAL.


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